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We got 431 votes (6,8%) in the student parliament election, which makes us the 5th largest group in 2021!

Our 3 delegates in the student parliament!

  • Member of the Budget Committee

  • Chair of the Group

With our two deputies:

  • Robin Hürten (Physics) - (Deputy Member of the Budget Committee)

  • Jonas Kobler (Law)

Who are we?

We are pragmatic.

We do not follow any specific ideology but try to make efficient decisions based on approaches which were already successful elsewhere.

We are paneuropean.

Intercultural and scientific exchange plays an important role in university life. Through our unique network with other Volt university groups it is possible to overcome national boundaries and thereby apply the best-practice-principle most efficiently.

We are progressive.

We see change as a chance which has to be met with open and solution-oriented approaches. Therefore we are open to the changes of our social and universitary environments. Nevertheless racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are still present problems at universities. We stand for personal freedom and full acceptance of the personal definition of every human being and for a diverse and inclusive university.

Our Goals - This is what we will work for this year!

Diversity and Internationality

We stand for a diverse, inclusive and international university landscape.

  • Publication of information in German and English

  • Improvement of international exchange through language courses

  • Strengthening equality


We are striving for a university that not only acts sustainable, but also enables its students to make their studies as sustainable as possible.

  • Affordable vegan and vegetarian meals

  • Further expansion of the biking infrastructure on campus

  • More Fairtrade products at events

Digitization and Communication

The current crisis again showed the importance of clear communication and digital infrastructure. Therefore we endorse further improvements in these sectors.

  • Transparent communication of the student parliament

  • Advancement of digital teaching

  • Provision of laptops for students

Our university policy programme!


What we stood up for in 2020!

  • No obligation to use webcams in tutorials

  • Precise communication of COVID-19 regulations between institutes and students, student teachers and students in minor subjects must not be ignored!

  • Fair and appropriate regulations on examinations and teaching adapted to the circumstances

  • More pressure concerning the realisation of the Uni-card

  • Improvement of the cycling infrastructure at the university

  • More internationality through additional partner universities

Our Current Board:

Chair of the University Group: Tangi Legrand (Physics) - tangi.legrand@volteuropa.org

Co-Chair of the University Group & Deputy for the Public Relations Committee in the student parliament: Leon Heuser (Physics) - leon.heuser@volteuropa.org

Advisory board: Fabiola Neumann (Physics) - fabiola.neumann@volteuropa.org

If you have any more questions, feel free to write to us on Facebook, Instagram or by email: voltbonn.hochschulgruppe@gmail.com