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Note: The university group is still being established. If you would like to join us, please contact us!

Hey, we are Volt!

Our mission is to bring Europe closer together.

[NEW] Our Candidates (Election 2022)

#VoteVolt for the student parliament: 30 may - 03 june 2022 (details: wahl.asta.kit.edu)

Beatrice Iacopi

Architecture and Urban Planning

  • President of StuPa

  • Advisory Board for International Students

  • Forum "Recruitment of female students"

Valentin Quapil

Computer Science

  • StuPa Presidential Board

  • EUCOR Students Council

Katherina Sabel


  • Forum "Recruitment of female students"

  • Senate-Commission for equal Opportunities and Diversity

Tobias Kempf

Computer Science

Aaron Geiger

Computer Science

Our topics and goals:

European Networking

Across Europe, students are struggling with the same problems.

Together with other Volt university groups, we advocate for stronger networking and support the expansion of Erasmus+.


We will campaign for the possibility of microwaving food that students bring with them to the refectory, similar to what is done at ETH Zurich.


In exchange with other universities, we want to find the best solutions for improving e-learning at KIT.

Additionally, we demand free access to scientific results for all students.


We want to campaign for low-cost local and long-distance transport for students throughout Europe with a European Youth Card.

The bicycle racks on campus must be renewed and expanded.

Student financing and housing

Studying should not be a privilege based on one's privilege. Our goal is a dignified standard of living for all students.

With a view to the time after Corona, a further expansion of dormitory capacities is necessary.

For you in the KIT student parliament (Elected 2021):

Beatrice Iacopi


  • President of StuPa

Valentin Quapil


  • Presidential Board of StuPa

Oliver Barz

Industrial Engineering

  • Election Committee

Reach us...

Goals Achieved through the StuPa

✅ A vegan line in the Mensa

✅ We campaigned for menstrual products to be provided free of charge at university

✅ We have campaigned for university roofs to be fitted with solar panels

Who is Volt Europa?

Volt is a movement with the goal of bringing Europe closer together.

We are pragmatic.

We do not follow any specific ideology but try to make efficient decisions based on approaches which were already successful elsewhere.

We are paneuropean.

Intercultural and scientific exchange plays an important role in university life. Through our unique network with other Volt university groups it is possible to overcome national boundaries and thereby apply the best-practice-principle most efficiently.

We are progressive!

We see change as a chance which has to be met with open and solution-oriented approaches. Therefore we are open to the changes of our social and universitary environments. Nevertheless racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are still present problems at universities. We stand for personal freedom and full acceptance of the personal definition of every human being and for a diverse and inclusive university.


If you have any more questions or want to get in touch, feel free to contact us: volt-hsg@lists.kit.edu

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