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Volt University Group Trier

Are you studying at the Trier University or the University of the Greater Region? Then maybe the Volt University Group is something for you! We want to make the university more sustainable, more pan-european and more technologically advanced.

Luca and Stef at our first campaign 2019. With DIY vegan and fair-trade chocolate cookies, we successfully kicked off the campaign, receiving 2 seats in the student parliament.

What do we want to do in legislation 2020/2021?

For the elections 2020/2021, we collaborate with Campus Grün (Green Campus), forming the green list. With combined forces, we will be able to work more effectively towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable, as well as more pan-european university. Volt's priorities for 2020/2021 are the following:

  • Facilitate the University of the Greater Region network.

  • Exploring possibilities for a sustainable shift at the Trier University.

  • Make high school politics more accessible for international students!

What were our main achievements 2019/2020?

In 2020/2021 we joined an AStA coalition with Campus Grün (Green Campus), Freie Tunten Partei (FTP, Free Nancies Party), Juso HSG, and Linke Liste (Left List).

Facilitate the University of the Greater Region

Luca served as representative of the students of Trier at the Board of Students and Doctoral Candidates (CED, Conseil Etudiants et Doctorants) for the University of the Greater Region (UniGR), collaborating with the local officer and doctoral candidates to make the University of the Greater Region more accessible. Together with a representative of the University of the Saarland, Luca commented the strategic plans for the UniGR at the council meeting of the presidents of the member universities. Luca also managed to turn his informal mandate at the AStA into a formal mandate by implementing the role of the representative for the CED/UniGR into the rules of operation of the AStA.

Making the Trier University more sustainable

Stef put her efforts towards the sustainable transition of the Trier University by becoming a member of the department for sustainability of the AStA.