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Volt University Group Würzburg

Are you studying at the University of Würzburg? Then maybe the Volt University Group is something for you! We are about fifteen students, who founded themselves as an unregistered association on sixteenth of october 2019. In the university elections 2020 we ran for the Student Parliament and the students gave us a mandate.

Our team at the freshmen fair in winter semester 2019/2020 (from left: Johanna von Andrian-Werburg, Kolja Knodel, Alexander Fiedler, Yannick Bauer, Philipp Heil)

What do you stand for?

An excerpt from our Articles of Association:

The purpose of the association is to promote the idea of a united, democratic and progressive Europe among the student body of the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg and in the European civil society. The main focus is on the promotion of cooperation and exchange between students and non-students from all European countries. The association is particularly committed to equal opportunities, justice, freedom, human dignity, sustainability and solidarity. The basic understanding of the association is progressive and pro-European.

What do you have to do with Volt?

We are legally independent of the European and German Volt party and represent locally elaborated and Europe-wide coordinated higher education policy positions through the Volt Europe movement, which you can read about in our higher education policy framework programme. The majority of our members are currently (as of August 2020) not party members of Volt and do not have to become party members. We are networked with other Volt university groups throughout Germany and are currently intensively building up the Volt University Groups. Our networking enables us to discuss different problems from many perspectives, to find joint solutions and then, at best, to apply these solutions to our own university. All in accordance with the motto of one of our most important maxims, Best Practice.

Sounds good, how can I participate?

As a fairly young university group, we are currently looking for active support.

Are you a convinced European, have you found the framework programme good or could be improved, do you have your own ideas to contribute? Do you want to actively participate in university committees or exchange best practices with other university groups? Would you like to learn more about us? Then use this invitation link or the QR code at the top right of this page to join our WhatsApp group and get to know us personally at the next meeting. We are always happy to meet new faces!

Our Campaign 2020